Post-Surgery Me

This page is really a moot point I think because it's what I want to tell you about myself, which is probably not very close to who I really am. Besides, I've always felt that the best way to get to know me is to read what I write - this being the whole purpose of this website to begin with. So yeah, pretty much read this page with a grain of salt, then go over to the writings section and there you will really get to know something "about me."

- About Me: My name is Carlos Portocarrero and rather than try to pick out my "favorite" picture I decided to just put up the funniest one, which is me a few days after my now-infamous jaw surgery back in November of 2003. I decided to put up this website on a random Wednesday after years of saying that I would. I have no idea what made me finally start it, but it's about time.

I was born and raised in Guatemala, and am now in Chicago working (ha!...he calls it working!) on my Master of Arts in Creative Writing.

I love baseball, writing, talking about how the world does and doesn't work, good quotes, laughing, making others laugh, getting hammered with my friends, and so on and so forth down the line. If you have any questions or if I simply rushed this part of the site in order to get the rest of it up as soon as possible, please let me know and I'll probably just send you an email saying thanks and I'll get to it.

My email is because my friends call me P-Nut. Most people don't know why, and I kind of like the mystery aspect surrounding it, so I'm sorry I can't put it up here for the whole world to see.

- About My Writings: I write a lot and most of the time (which is always) no one ever reads any of it. Even now, with this website, the stuff that is up is probably like 2% of what I have written, and even then it's kind of nerve-racking to have a bunch of strangers read your stuff. But that's the whole idea, and I realized this last September when I took an online writing class over at Gotham Writer's Workshop. One key element my writing was missing was exposure and commentary, and so hopefully this website won't damage my ego too badly and I'll continue to get better.

So please, if you have anything at all to say, good or bad or just plain curse words, please send them to me, my email is

The reason this website is called The Creepy Website is because everything I write starts out from my notebooks that I keep, and I was once told that they were "creepy", which seemed right on point at the time, so that's why.

- About My Readings: Since reading is such an important part of writing, and since I love to share a really good book with as many people as I can, I felt I had to include this section of the site. It's a simple rating system with a short account of what I think of it. Eventually I want to get a Hall of Fame list going, that will include the best books, movies, and CDs according to me.

- About My Blog: Basically what a blog is for, in my point of view, is to just rant away at whatever it is that is going through my mind, be it politics, baseball, life, philosophy, whatever. You can also comment and this way interesting discussions can hopefully be started, and I always enjoy a good discussion.

- About Amazon: You'll notice a lot of the links on this site, especially in the reading section, go to This happens for two reasons. First, whenever I want to know more about anything (but mostly books), I go to amazon to read the vast amount of reviews that exist by users just like you and me, but that have already read or used the product. This, to me, is very valuable, and of couse I take it with a grain of salt. And second, because if someone ends up buying something because they clicked to it from my website, I get paid. I don't exactly know how much, but since I was going to create links to amazon anyway, I figured I should try to get something from them. I have no idea how much, but it probably isn't much. I'll let you guys know at the blog how much if I ever do get paid by them.


One last thing, I've never had a website before so if you have any comments on the website itself, be sure to send those along too, since all it can do is help make this site less sucky.

Update: Yes I know that I have to redo the whole layout of the site, this is kind of kindergarten-ish but yes I know, back off.


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