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"If you would be a man, speak today what you would think today in words as hard as cannon-balls, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict everything you said today."

- Emerson

A short story I wrote in Paris about a guy who walks into a church to confess. 1/22/05


A short little itty bitty thing of a piece that tries to make sense of those people that get so upset and angry when someone questions the government and its actions. - 8/4/04



A housewife goes a little overboard after witnessing a car accident. - 1/19/04


What came to mind as I was waiting to meet someone at the St Michel station. - 6/14/04


Looking for myself while wandering in Paris - 6/1/04



This is about baseball and how damaging Steinbrenner is and has been to it. - 6/8/04



A piece that was inspired by one of David Foster Wallace's "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men". If you have access to the book, it's part II of the one on page 91, and I started and ended it with DFW's text. - 5/3/04



The reasoning that goes on inside my brain when I say that I don't think I'll ever be happy. - 5/6/04


Locker room notice that isn't seen as often as it should be. - 5/3/04


A brief review of Richard Clarke's book, Against All Enemies, also featured in the readings section. - 5/11/04


A piece on why it is that the American people seem to like having Bush as their president. - 4/12/04


The story of the static beggar and the exciting possibilities that could follow. - 3/31/04


A collection of nine short articles that I was told were supposed to be printed in the Guatemalan newspaper El Periodico, and never were. - 4/7/04



What I would say in my speech if I was a presidential candidate and I wanted to get my vote. - 3/15/04


A short fiction piece that came to me while I was laying on my bed, face up, half drunk, worrying about all the things that were currently going through my worried mind.- 3/13/04



The phenomenon of fate and how we influence it with our thoughts and ideas since we all share the same collective unconcious. - 3/2/04



A piece on why I despise stoplights as much as I do.- 2/26/04


Some questions I would love the answers to regarding why we find certain people attractive and the whole genetic/evolutionary reasons for it. - 2/26/04



A brief synopsis of where I am and how I fit into the big picture as of this moment (when I wrote it). - 2/9/04


My thoughts and observations on President Bush's State of the Union Address. - 1/21/04


On what it's like to feel two years younger than everyone around you, when if fact they are all the same age as you. - 1/21/04



I ponder whether or not love is something that can exist between two people and, if it can, how it manages to. - 1/20/04



Really should be called, Philosophy of a Wired Jaw, since it deals with what it's like to have your jaw wired shut for six weeks. - 12/9/03



An email I sent out to my ex-girlfriend Marjo when she asked me how my jaw surgery experience went. - 12/03


A piece on a lunch I had with my mom a day after some hard drinking. This piece is also a part of Manuscript #2.- 10/03



Lunch with my sister where we talk about what we will do with our lives and our current thoughts on the country. - 10/03



Good luck getting anything of any value other than thorough confusion out of this. - 9/19/03


A stream of consciousness piece that rambles about money, jobs, life, and ants. - 9/8/03


An email I sent out detailing what was happening on "Black Thursday".


The material I sent in the first time I applied to and was summarily rejected from all the graduate schools I applied to. - Late '02




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