Not really telepathy, but I didn't know what else to call it. It's a phenomenon where, as long as something or some event or idea has been concocted, thought of, invented, imagined - as long as it exists somewhere - be it in one man's mind, in a book, in a dream, a fantasy - then it becomes public domain. Unconsciously it joins the massive amount of memory we all share and that is known sometimes by the name "collective unconscious."

Proofs? There are the crossword puzzle experiments where two groups of randomly selected people are asked to try and complete a crossword puzzle. The only difference is that group A is doing a new puzzle, one that hasn't been seen before. Group B is doing an old puzzle, one that many people (but not the people in the group) have already completed somewhere at some time. The results? Group B does considerably better than group A, with respects to the completion of the puzzle (for more on this see the movie Waking Life).

I now add some tidbits that - in a certain way - also deal with this topic. The Toltec Wisdom book and the Creative Mind book. They both - in their own specific way - talk about how we are in complete control of our environment (more emotionally that physically). By this I mean how happy you are or the ratio of "good" things to "bad" things in your life. If you think positively, that things will go well in the future, then their theories claim it is much more likely to happen. Creative Mind is even more decided in this, saying that our thoughts and our words have the ultimate power. If our life isn't as great as we would like, it's our own fault: we haven't though positively enough. It relates to telepathy in that once those (and only those) good ideas are into play (somewhere in the existing ether of the world), then fate will pick from what's available to decide what it is that will actually happen to you. The higher your good:bad ratio, the more likely (odds-wise) you will have good things happen to you.

The reason I call it telepathy is because this idea of making our worlds better and happier with our minds seems much more powerful than being able to say "hello" to someone without moving my lips or moving a pencil with my mind.

For more on this I really recommend you check out those two books.



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